4 Standart

4 standart- provides integrated metal processing services, manufactures products from high-quality metals and polymers using the latest processing and coating technologies. Our guarantees of a reliable partner for professionals – right on time, optimal price and quality, wide assortment.

Our Goal —

to produce products from wire and sheet metal:

a) using the latest technology in metalworking
b) which meet the most stringent requirements for product quality
c) constantly improving technological processes
d) strictly observing their obligations to customers
d) constantly improving the energy efficiency of production

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Production Effectiveness and Modernity

4 Standart is a modern enterprise that uses the latest technology in the processing of sheet metal and wire. The new level of coating with plasticizing agent allows to achieve the highest level of coating of products to be used in an aggressive environment.

Our production capabilities:

1) Laser cutting with nitrogen on the Trumpf TruLaser 3030. Sheet - 3000x1500 mm. Thickness: black steel - up to 25 mm, aluminum - up to 20 mm, titanium - up to 20 mm, stainless steel - up to 10 mm
2) Cutting metal products on the Trumpf TruPunch 5000. Sheet - 3000x15000 mm. Thickness - up to 3 mm
3) Metal bending on Trumpf TruBend 7036, TruBend 5170, Amada HFT 80-35. Workpiece size - up to 3000 m. Thickness - up to 8 mm
4) Welding work of any complexity on German equipment Mercle, incl. contact welding
5) Cleaning, finishing grinding of metal, incl. for painting
6) Wire processing: 3D bending and correct cutting machine. The diameter of the wire is 3-8 mm. Watch the video.
7) Coating products with polyethylene. Description of the technology.
8) Related work after welding: installation of rivets, bonoks, studs, contacts. Passivation stainless become

Logistics and Storage

4 Standart pays special attention to the internal and external logistics. Receipt of orders, their placement in the production, production process, packaging and preparation for shipment - all these stages are processed and controlled by modern computer accounting system. At any moment  of the order execution we can track the condition and location of your order. Utilizing the newest computer accounting technologies can minimize an order execution time, avoid losses and production defects. Products can be delivered within Belarus as well as for export. Product packaging allows shipping it for long distances and preventing product damage during transportation on bad roads.

Objectives and Directions of  Logistics

4 standart focuses not only on the customers in Belarus. We pay special attention to the export development.  The most promising directions are Russia, the Customs Union countries, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia and Baltic countries.