The most important features

Who We Are?

4 standart

  • provides metal processing services – laser cutting, coordinate punching, bending, welding, preparation for painting, painting
  • produces high-quality metal and polymer products using the latest processing and coating technologies

We are reliable partners for the professionals and we guarantee the exact timing, the best price and quality as well as wide range of products..

Our address:


The Republic of Belarus
222666 Minsk region
Stolbcy city, Zadvorenskaja str. 2/308

Our Products

Our range is constantly renewed with new products. We constantly contact our clients and together with them we create the products that will meet their requirements in the future.

Main Groups of Products  and Services:



  • Non-standard metal products, according to sketches and drawings of the customer.
  • Services of laser cutting and coordinate punching of metal
  • Welding, metal grinding, preparation for painting
  • Trading equipment, tables and baskets for sales, racks for vegetables.
  • Accessories, grids and dividers for trade equipment. Hooks for shelves.
  • Wire accessories for refrigerated display cases of frozen products, ice cream baskets.
  • Non-standard wire products according to customer drawings.

What We Are Driven By?

4 standart is driven by the ambition to manufacture products from high-quality metalls and polymers using the newest processing and coating technologies

Our priority is the four quality standards:


  1. Accuracy (manufactured with modern high-accuracy equipment).
  2. Strength (high-quality steel is used).
  3. Reliability (high-tech welding of elements and their parts).
  4. Durability (high-tech equipment coating eliminating oxidation and rusting).

Where To Find?

You can find our products in many food and non-food supermarkets.
Constantly increasing number of the received orders proves that we have chosen the correct way.

You can view our products in the gallery.



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