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Architecture and design

Choose our stylish aluminIum framed glass panels to increase natural light, attract customers and to showcase your products

At your request, any of the walls of the modul can be replaced with a aluminium framed glass panels

The showcase can be closed, with a window or a door

Premium façade that completely covers the your modul structure

Our additional curtain wall system can dramatically change the outer design of a modul.

The panels are made of 1mm thick metal.

Painting of panels in any colour according to the RAL catalog.

The panels are hung when the container is installed in place.

Additional panels will increase the outer dimensions of the container by 40 mm on each side.

Choose your favorite colour for your modul

Necessary elements for multi-storey construction (stairs, terraces)

You can build more complex buildings from standard containers. It can be

– several floors

– a treated timber terrace

– a structure to install a green roof

Build it. Plug it. Use it.

Because of our modular design, assembly of multi-storey solutions is quick and ready for utility connection. No wiring required.


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