Products for Your Business

4Standart offers latticed and wire products as well as products made of plexiglass for efficient trading. The main range of our products consists of component parts in the form of baskets, partitions and shelves for commercial refrigeration equipment, various mesh boxes for the trade space of the supermarkets, shops and warehouses as well as for logistics stations.
We can also offer you the components for home refrigerators, freezers, cupboards and cabinets, dishwashers and various shelves and hangers. All our products are certified and comply with the European standards. The extensive range of colors and wide range of protective coating will ensure a harmonious fit into your object.
If the size or configuration of your object is non-standard, we are ready to a custom order according to your drawings or we can design it by ourselves.

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Four Quality Standards

Technological capabilities of our equipment and extensive expertise of our staff allows to produce high-quality competitive products. The strategy of our company is being customer-friendly and always trying to meet the customers’ needs. We are interested in expanding our export and increasing the range of products. We look very seriously at the quality of our products and continually improve it using the newest technologies and try to bring it to such level  where the combination of price and quality is ideal. Today we can describe our product is such words:

1. Accuraty

The products are produced using the modern high-accuracy equipment with program management that allows to reduce the dimensional error to zero.   The whole batch is the same and identical regardless of the volume of the batch.

2. Strength

High quality steel or wire are used. Using high-quality raw materials allows withstanding weavy weight loads and temperature conditions without sagging and bending.

3. Reliability

ERW – Electric Resistance Welding method is used for welding elements and their parts. It provides high and stable quality of welding joints and high environmental friendliness of the process.

4. Durability

Thermoplastic coating eliminates oxidation and rusting. It increases product service life, it is easily cleaned and environmentally friendly.


4 Standard uses the newest software and CNC machines for designing. This allows us quickly and efficiently process the requests of our customers and minimize the timing of the new product design and launching.


We understand the importance of fulfillment  of our obligations on time. When receiving the confirmation of shipment terms, our customers and can make their plans and be sure that we will not let them down.